The UK government has designated specific organisations as endorsing bodies for the new UK business visas, particularly for the Innovator Founder and Scale-up visas.

These endorsing bodies are crucial for overseas entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to establish or scale up in the UK, as they validate the business or business idea as credible and viable.

  1. Endorsing Bodies for Innovator Founder Visa: As of April 13, 2023, the UK Government confirmed several endorsing bodies for the Innovator Founder visa route. This visa category is targeted at start-up entrepreneurs and experienced business people looking to set up and run an innovative business in the UK. The endorsing bodies for the Innovator Founder visa include Envestors Limited, UK Endorsing Services (UKES), and Innovator International. Each of these organisations is approved by the Home Office and brings a wealth of experience and resources to support endorsed businesses, ranging from mentoring to legal assistance. For instance, Envestors has been working with numerous UK businesses since 2020, offering a variety of professional services, and UKES (as a consortium of legacy of UK visa endorsing bodies) has a proven track record of supporting new businesses and job creation across various sectors​​​​.

  2. The Global Entrepreneurs Programme (GEP): Additionally, The Global Entrepreneurs Programme (GEP) run by the Department for Business and Trade is another endorsing body. This government program is focused on internationally mobile, tech-based entrepreneurs, helping them scale and internationalise their innovation-rich companies from a UK global headquarters. GEP provides endorsements only for founders already invited to participate in their program, supporting the internationalisation of innovative companies​​.

For businesses seeking endorsement, it's imperative to engage with these bodies and present a compelling business plan with a detailed expansion strategy, demonstrating innovation and potential for success in the UK market.

The endorsement from these bodies is a critical step in the visa application process, as it confirms the credibility and potential of the business idea or venture.

However, receiving an endorsement is not a guarantee of visa approval; the Home Office still evaluates each application to ensure all visa requirements are met.

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