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Our Process

It is somewhat easy to determine if your company is doing well.


You will be profitable, able to make your payroll and pay all of your monthly bills and expenses. But are there discernible levels or observable distinctions that reliably signify good financial health?


That is why we study all areas.

As the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive it is difficult to keep up with both the changes in an industry as well as the innovations in strategic, sales, marketing and operational management strategies.

What Do We Do?


Our solutions can help you negotiate the new methods and drive your business on the road to success.


We can really help to guide you in the right direction and propel your business forward and a free, no-obligation SME Business Financial Health Check is a great way to get started.


Have you ever sat down and analysed your business, and how it is performing?


Our free, no-obligation SME Business Financial Health Check questionnaires are specifically designed to evaluate your current performance and it will help to discover areas for improvement.


We focus on the five main fundamental elements in your business;


  1. Time - Personal - time management; prioritisation; leadership; focus; peace of mind
  2. Team - Business management - staffing; operations and logistics; compliance;
  3. Financial - Financial management - sales; costs; cash flow; profits; pricing; banking
  4. Systems - Financial records - bookkeeping; record keeping; accounting services
  5. Growth - Potential for growth - business planning, forecasting; diversification; funding sources



As a Benefit for your Business


You will receive a comprehensive summary of your results which are used to help create a clear vision for your future.


With our free, no-obligation SME Business Financial Health Check you will also receive a complimentary online session, it will help us to help you to focus on your long-term strategies and areas for improvement.


It will also help us to discuss executive strategies with you and develop your long-term plans that will provide ideas for your business to function more efficiently, giving you more time back while building a structure to make more profit and future-proof your business model.


There are more than a few ways we can help you remotely, some of which may be more appropriate for your business than others.


Our process is designed to focus on a combination for the review over seven business model efficiency signals.


  1. Is your revenue growing?
  2. Are your expenses controlled?
  3. Is your cash balance positive and growing?
  4. Are your debt ratios low?
  5. Are your profitability ratios high?
  6. Are your activity ratios showing you are managing your assets?
  7. Are you working with a combination of new clients and repeat customers?


Measuring the health of your business finances can be as simple as reviewing a profit-and-loss statement or as complicated as analysing all the different elements of your business model.


However, there is very little doubt that fully understanding your finances is a critical method to remain successful and profitable.


While it may help more distressed firms from failing, a financial health check also adds the practical steps to better manage a business by improving balance sheets, overall business performance and better achievement against forecasted key performance indicators (KPIs).


The key is to build sustainability into your business model by creating a strong business plan to deliver the operating profits that allows for fixed commitments, and developing the executive strategies to develop a future-proofed business model.

With our specialist team, you receive quick cost effective advice, diagnostics and due diligence reports and support.


We understand that you as business owners are experts in delivering your products and services to market but we believe we can provide strategic and executive advice to help you identify strategies to increase the cash flow and profits in your business, reducing risks and maintaining costs.


Unlike a traditional firms of accountants, we perform these diagnostics with a purely commercial eye and we support you through start-up, growth, expansion, pre-investment and post-investment stages.


You need to hire expert help, many owners and investors will seek to hire a dedicated Finance Director but costs are high- using MGP you can access this level of skill on a part-time flexible basis.


We offer our free, no-obligation SME Business Financial Health Check service for local and international, small to medium-sized businesses.


Our feedback is always based upon our own independent and impartial commercial and strategic evaluation.


We work with you to firstly understand your requirements with our free, no-obligation SME Business Financial Health Check questionnaires.


We provide you with an independent summary report based on the answers to our specially designed questionnaires.


To achieve this we gather the relevant information in a number of key areas before delivering a free summary report which aims to identify any potential areas for improvement, and offer our value-added recommendations.


We offer specialised professional executive strategic advice and business planning to help structure a business more effectively and utilise your resources efficiently into the future.


At no time will we attempt to sell any of our professional services to you unless otherwise specifically requested by you.


There is no obligation to act upon any of our initial feedback or recommendations, but if it is your choice to move forward with our professional executive strategic solutions, there is absolutely no obligation to use our services.


We provide you with a quality guarantee and promise, and for whatever your goals and plans are for your business, we are here to help you.

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