Business planning, market research and strategic planning is combined to identify and move toward a desired future position of profit. It is the process of developing and implementing plans to reach goals and objectives.

MGP Infinity provides a superior launch platform for a client's business model. Our professionally researched, narrated and presented documentation incorporates funding presentations, feasibility analysis, investor teasers, executive summary, business plan, detailed financial modelling and analysis and reporting as well as prospectus, investor memorandums and detailed market research.

For a longer term business outlook, normally extending the business planning horizon from three to five years up to 20 years depending on the planning requirements, MGP's Infinity Business Consulting solution is a cost effective solution which exceeds a client's business strategy and financial model expectations. We have combined four cross-populating characteristics.

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MGP Infinity

Need the help of an expert?

We deliver an international background to a local setting.


Our virtual (remote) approach to our clients is extremely cost-effective.

We offer a virtual opportunity to access professional and experienced business planning resources to assist you in your efforts to establish, manage and grow a business model and increase the volume in a client's portfolio.


We provide expertise and advice on an ongoing basis at the touch of a button only when you need it.


We have been preparing financial analysis, projections, budgets and statutory reporting across many industries and locations for over 25 years. 

As the driver behind any business presentation and business plan, the most important(and most difficult) aspect to be explained is simplified by us and removed from the critical path for any business model, investor or financial provider presentation. 

Each project is individually assessed at the feasibility stage of the presentation cycle from a financial perspective and a bespoke financial assessment is presented.

Our original and bespoke financial modelling presentations incorporate the specific financial analysis for any business, industry, sector, and location.


Normally for three to five years, we provide a professional profit and loss (income and expenditure), balance sheet, cash flow and business model analysis detailing the underlying logic that encompasses the business model.

In addition, tools and methods used for business valuations can vary, the most common approaches to calculating a business valuation include a review of financial statements, discounting cash flow models, and similar company comparisons.


Our financial modelling presentation incorporates all methods for a unique insight and comparison into the business model presentation.