Who we are

Founded in 2011, MGP Associates Is an independent management consultancy firm.

Based in London, Aberdeen, and Johannesburg, we are a client-focused international business specialist.

We enable and implement positive business change, we work with small business and global organisations in the private, public and social sectors

We have raised £0.5 billion in investment funding, establishing professional business solutions and the best practices for our clients while developing professional business relationships worldwide.

Our professional business advice and planning expertise provides a platform at the heart of an organisation to deliver new levels of core business opportunities that will enhance value with sustainable success.

We’re proud to say that over 90% of our work comes from repeat business and referrals and more than 95% of our clients have used us many times.

What we do

Our solutions are focused on our client's needs.

We take each step with you, to provide professional services in every turn in the road to establishing a new business model or enhancing an existing company domestically and internationally.

We deliver professional and reliable remote and on-site advice, planning, and assistance, designed as an individual bespoke package tailored to your specific budget.

Please view our solutions and packages BELOW, designed in three conveniently packaged business development stages.... EARLY, INVESTMENT and OPERATIONAL.

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Individually designed for your needs

Getting started with our bespoke solutions

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Our Specialised Solutions

Business Planning & Modelling

MGP Infinity is dedicated to providing professional business planning solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups, UK visa applicants and established business models.


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Financial Reports, Planning, Restructuring & Modelling

Specialist expertise and knowledge are used to design, restructure and develop simplified and sophisticated business and financial modelling presentations for clients and to investors.


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Investment Appraisal

We draw from our expertise in international investment transactions to facilitate the opportunities to access start-up and growth capital for clients in underserved SME sectors.

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Organisation Design & Development 

Change is rapid!

Establishing an organisation which can deliver your strategic goals while also being dynamic and flexible is a challenge. We help design and develop an organisation that reinforces your strategic intent.


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Public Sector & Social Economy Business Planning

We have a long history in the international social economy. We work with social enterprises to identify, develop and test commercial income generating opportunities.


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Business Consulting & Advice

We support CEOs and CFOs to develop opportunities and enhance value, incorporating financial planning, forecasting,  budgeting, reporting, business planning, investor relations, and capital raising.


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Getting started with our professionally integrated solutions

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Evaluation, Market Analytics, Business Planning & Forecasting


- Idea, Innovation, Scaling and Viability Evaluation

- PEST, SWOT, MOST & Gap Analysis

- Market Analytics

- Business Planning

- Financial Forecasting

- Investment Readiness

- Remote Assistance


Profiling, Investment Analytics, Sourcing, Presentation & Management


- Innovation, Scaling & Viability Evaluation

- PEST, SWOT, MOST & Gap Analysis

- Business Plan Evaluation

- Investment & Market Appraisal - Analytics & Metrics

- Investment Sourcing

- Investor Management

- Remote & Onsite Assistance


Start-up, Growth and Expansion Analytics, Advice and Executive Consulting


- Business Model Evaluation

- Analysis of existing & new domestic & international business market opportunities.

- Forecasting, Budgeting & Projecting Financial Analytics & Results.

- Future-Proofing Business & Brands

- Organisation Design & Development

- Preparing for Brexit

- Remote and Onsite Assistance